Antique clock repair and restoration

At ClockWorksFine we have over 35 years of experience repairing, restoring and building clocks.  We are able to finish repairs relatively quickly thanks to our ample supply of spare parts for clock movements (suspension and regular springs, hands, etc.) and our capacity to replace lost parts (pendulum bobs, bells, hammers, etc.).

Our specialties include clocks from:

  1. -France: Morbier, mantelpiece and wall clocks. We also have expertise in restoring wood casings, marble casings, and clocks with ormolu statues (appliqués, mountings, golden bronze).

  2. -England: grandfather and wall clocks

  3. -Germany and Austria: cuckoo, grandfather and Vienna regulator clocks

  4. -American clocks: kitchen, parlor, mantel, regulator clocks and others


At ClockWorksFine we work by appointment and provide free estimates, except in some special cases.  All repair work is customarily guaranteed for 3 months. However, this warranty may be extended in specific cases.

Repair / Restoration work is carried out in our workshop (see map). In some special cases, where the clock is a large Grandfather clock, repairs may be carried out on site at the client’s location at an added out-call cost. If we cannot repair on-site, we will transport the movement to our workshop once our work estimate is accepted.


Approximate repair time - including time to ship parts - is provided along with the estimate.

  1. 4-8 working days for most repair work. Nevertheless, a job may take a few

    more days if we need to locate a part from a specialized supplier,

    or if holidays fall during the repair time.

  1. 3 hours for repairs on site


An old clock can be clean and beautifully maintained, like those found in museums.

Commonly encountered conditions:

  1. dust or congealed dirt inside and outside the case

  2. aged varnish concealing the original beauty of the casing or darkening glass frames

  3. oxidized brass parts (dial bezels, pendulum bobs, weight shells, etc.)

  4. lost or damaged parts

  5. screws with a stripped thread, loose rivets, damaged figurines

  6. time train weight problems (particularly in cuckoo clocks)

At ClockWorksFine we recommend restoring your clock and returning it to its original splendor. Cleaning, Replacing missing parts, removing old varnish layers and waxing or varnishing at the time of a repair will also produce spectacular results and save you time and money!

Cost of Repairs

Is not easy to anticipate the cost of repair work on any given clock. However, at ClockWorksFine we have established that most mechanical repair work of fluctuates between:

  1. Mantelpiece / wall clocks: $150 - $200*

  1. Grandfather clocks: $250 - $400*

* Prices may include two visits within Miami-Dade to correct and readjust the movement. We are happy to repair outside of Miami-Dade. Please contact us for more details.

Repairs and Restoration - Estimates, Timings, Restoration and Cost


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