Antique clock repair and restoration

Cuckoo Clocks and their repair

Cuckoo Clocks have become more and more popular. They make a wonderful addition to any family home and are often the favorite decorative element amongst young children.  My clients often reminisce about how the sound of the cuckoo reminds them of their childhood or of “being back home”.

On this page I have featured a type of cuckoo clock that is in high demand namely due to its decorative elements: once the cukoo has appeared, music begins playing as dancers turn on a carrousel and musicians sway from side to side.

This cuckoo clock was purchased 2nd hand and had a number of technical problems:

The inner workings were dried up and dirty

The governor which enables the musical operating system was not working properly

The bellows which produce the cuckoo sound were broken

The repair to this clock was quit extensive and took close to four hours:

  1. -The clock was opened up and revised in detail. The inner workings and the inner one-day Regula movement were cleaned, oiled and tuned up.

  2. -The music governor was replaced with a brand new one and new bellows

  3. -The old paint was sanded-down completely along side, back and roof panels followed by a more natural varnish of the entire housing.

Due to the length of repair and the replacements to the inner workings, the cost for this type of restoration and repair is set at $350, which includes the 3 weights and the pendulum. The images above illustrate the before and after of the clock restoration.




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